It has been exactly over one year and nine months since STL started doing webinars in partnership with a licensed and regulated broker with the Capital Markets Authority operating legally in Kenya with jurisdictions in the United Kingdom and offices in South Africa, Nigeria and here at home (Nairobi) to mention but a few. Perhaps people would question why we aggressively hosted our weekly #forexfridays mentorship webinar series in 2021. This article will answer that question. Much has been said by a lot of people in regards to their education quest to pursue online forex trading with a lot of their journeys ending up in blown up accounts, a term used quite often when an individual loses their money due to lack of the skill to trade once he or she funds an account an executes trades using a financial brokerage firm. Others begin the lonely journey of trading without someone to hold their hand or guide them to access the right information matters trading in the financial markets.

The plain and simple answer is that in order to perfect any craft, one needs a mentor or what can be referred to as an apprentice in the business world. When it comes to trading in online forex exchange, mentorship plays a key role in shortening the learning curve. The reality of the matter is that no one trading in the financial markets ever goes to any university to pursue an exclusive diploma, degree, masters or a PhD to become a successful trader. You can quote me on that. Those who have studied any form of finance in institutions of higher learning have to some extent seen the difference between an academic pursuit of the same and the real world of trading be it in online foreign exchange, equities, stock indices, commodities and or options trading. Hence the great need for real trading professionals in the financial sector to coach and mentor both young and old who seek to enter into the enormous world of trading. 

The financial markets are free. You can build a business out of it with the right skill set, trading capital, sheer discipline to stay true to your trading strategy and access to a mentor when you need someone to talk to. The markets are dynamic because they can be. You can as well choose the self-taught process, a relentless but worth-while journey in the end. However, you have to be willing to put in the hours. If you take that route as has been the case for some; be ready and open minded to pay for the cost of tuition in the markets (blowing up accounts) at the very early stages of your learning to fine tuning your trading skill & develop your own trading personality by losing a significant amount of your trading capital. Either way, you have the discretion to choose which way to go, with or without a mentor. The mentor-ship and coaching process is always a better and wise decision once you have an idea of what asset instrument you wish to specialize in. 

One has to be very careful in choosing a coach or mentor. Like in all industries, you may have quacks, fraudsters, entry level career professionals, serious traders and experts in the financial sector. It is for this reason Sylvia’s Traders Lounge conducted the webinar series in a bid to contribute positively to the trading community by giving access to beginning as well as seasoned traders to trading professionals who have been in the industry for decades to share their trading experience with others around the globe on their journeys. We made sure that the webinars were very practical and relevant by having real live market analysis of the guests trading approach so that it’s not just a story shared but attendees of the webinar can learn something applicable to their trading. In our joint mission, the team at STL decided to not only focus on FOREX trading and reached out for a solid partnership with Scope Markets Kenya, a brokerage firm whose trading platform allows traders a wide array of asset classes to select from. To open a live or practice demo account with Scope Markets Kenya, please use this link;

In the process of hosting the webinar series, STL Team grew and had an impact on the entire global trading community. We featured guests across all the asset classes specifically Forex, Stocks/Equities, Indices and Commodities. We also learned a great deal and the lessons had a great impact on our individual trading journeys which will continue for years to come. We welcome you to visit our YouTube channel on this link; to learn, trade and profit from our previous webinars. To join our trading community and attend our ongoing podcasts, future webinars and physical seminars, feel free to reach out to us via +254 726 662 409 or +254 785 948 298. We thank you for making the time to learn and extend the same gratitude to Scope Markets Kenya for giving us a chance to educate and share with world during the time that we served.

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