SYLVIA MUCHAI Founder of Sylvia’s Traders Lounge

Retail Forex Trader. Forex trading is my second love, to infinity. Do it with passion or don’t do it all.

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MWENGA D. MWENDWA, Head Trainer and Trader at Sylvia’s Traders Lounge.

Mwenga D. Mwendwa is a Level 1 Chartered Market Technician pass-out. A derivatives Futures Trader who trades Commodity and Energy Futures, Stock Market indices such as (the Nasdaq and Dow Jones) and Currencies on the Spot foreign exchange (Forex Market). He is the head trainer and trader at Sylvia’s Traders Lounge. Having coached and successfully mentored 50+ members locally, he believes that an educated trader is well equipped to identify and cash out from the opportunities presented in the financial markets.

FREDDRICKS M. SCOTT, Independent Fund Manager, L.A, United States.

Freddricks M. Scott, a Fund Manager for an independent investment group and an abbot student of the markets, has valuable experience trading securities and alternative investment vehicles. Mr. Scott is primarily focused on fundamental investment analysis, but is no stranger to reading technical charts as well.)

In his work as a Fund Manager, Mr. Scott makes sure a comprehensive, client-focused approach to financial planning ensures that the recommended programs encompass each client’s financial goals, time frames, and risk tolerance. Mr. Scott specializes in investment analysis. He works closely with clients and Research Analysts to develop customized financial strategies that incorporate asset allocation, financial management, and alternative investment strategies.

Helping people, is truly what motivates Mr. Scott the most. In addition to developing a custom financial strategy for each client, he conducts regular meetings with clients to review performance, reconfirm financial goals, and make adjustments as economic or lifestyle conditions warrant.

Mr. Scott has been involved in trading stocks since he was in High School. From an early age, he became fascinated with the markets, and everything related to Warren Buffett. He has adopted Mr. Buffett’s philosophy of investing and combined it with his own experience and risk tolerance, resulting in his own style of navigating the markets.

After trading stocks, successfully with Mr. Scott’s own money for several years. He enrolled in college and began his education as a Finance expert. Meanwhile, he was asked to join a group of traders who were starting a small hedge fund. After accepting, Mr. Scott began trading stocks using his investment analysis, with the freedom of investing in alternative investment vehicles such as Bitcoin, Real Estate, and various credit instruments, he managed to increase returns for the fund exponentially, while still maintaining a conservative stance.

Honesty, integrity, team work, and self-discipline are the four pillars of Mr. Scott’s life. Even though he is busy making money for his clients and finishing school, he has a strong passion for reading books, listening to music, and playing the electric guitar. So, whenever Mr. Scott has free time, you will find him at home reading a book, or recording guitar tracks.

Sylvia’s Traders Lounge believes in John Murphy’s theory that Intermarket Analysis represents another step in the evolution of technical theory. With growing recognition that all markets are linked, Financial and Non-Financial, Domestic and International, traders will be taking these linkages into consideration more and more in their analysis. Of great emphasis is that no market trades in isolation, that all markets are interrelated and the four key sectors are currencies (Forex), commodities (Futures), bonds and stocks. The bond market is heavily influenced by the commodities, bonds normally trend in the same direction as the stock market, the United States Bond and Stocks markets are linked to global markets and some stock groups such as oil, gold mining, copper, interest-sensitive stocks are influenced by related futures markets. In a bid to have a holistic market analysis, Scott’s bi monthly blog posts will be geared to educate you on such fundamental market events happening real time to enable you make informed decisions when approaching the markets.