Sylvia Muchai, Founder of Sylvia’s Traders Lounge.

Read her Forex Journey Recognized on Magazine Publications from Nation Africa based in Kenya and the United Kingdom.

Mwenga D Mwenga, Co-Founder and Passive Director at Sylvia’s Traders Lounge

Mwenga D. Mwendwa is a Chartered Market Technician pass-out. A derivatives Futures Trader who trades Commodity and Energy Futures, Stock Market indices such as (the Nasdaq and Dow Jones) and Currencies on the Spot foreign exchange (Forex Market). Having contributed his trading skills to the trading community, Denis currently serves as a hands off passive director and a co-founder to STL.

Faith Njeri, Personal Assistant & Communications Executive at Sylvia’s Traders Lounge.

Faith Njeri is in charge of engagement of all enquiries on all our social media handles and pages. She is the direct first contact to all customer and client enquiries. She handles all communication online and offline and is readily available 24/5 (Monday to Friday) from 9:30am-5:30pm EAT for all your questions to Sylvia’s Traders Lounge. All communication including direct messages happen through our office line. You can easily reach her through +254 750 551 456. She is also a co-host to our bi-monthly podcast series.

Gilbert Kimari, Head of Automated Trading at Sylvia’s Traders Lounge.

Gilbert Kimari is a marketer by profession but a trader by passion. He has been active in the Forex market, both as a trader and as a trainer, for the past 13 years. He has worked with various institutions in the Forex market over the past few years where he has imparted practical knowledge and skills of the global financial markets to hundreds of people. He believes that success in any field is founded on knowledge, patience to craft your skills, and a brave heart to overcome any challenges along the way. It is a privilege to be a part of the team at Sylvia’s Traders Lounge where we teach and mentor our trading community members to trade in Forex, global stock indexes, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. It is the premier institution to get you started on your Forex trading journey.

Grace Wangechi, Photographer, Videographer, Podcast and Webinar Editor.

Grace Wangechi commonly known as Keshie is Sylvia’s Traders Lounge photographer, videographer and editor. She captures and creates long lasting educational memories as STL educates the trading community through various avenues such as trading podcasts, webinars and physical seminars. She is responsible for uploading our sessions on our YouTube Channel as well as working closely with the digital marketer to build a brand presence on our Social Media Platforms.

Freddricks Scott, Contributor at Sylvia’s Traders Lounge.

Freddricks M. Scott, a Fund Manager for an independent investment group and an abbot student of the markets, has valuable experience trading securities and alternative investment vehicles. Mr. Scott is primarily focused on fundamental investment analysis, but is no stranger to reading technical charts as well.

In his work as a Fund Manager, Mr. Scott makes sure a comprehensive, client-focused approach to financial planning ensures that the recommended programs encompass each client’s financial goals, time frames, and risk tolerance. Mr. Scott specializes in investment analysis. He works closely with clients and Research Analysts to develop customized financial strategies that incorporate asset allocation, financial management, and alternative investment strategies.

Helping people, is truly what motivates Mr. Scott the most. In addition to developing a custom financial strategy for each client, he conducts regular meetings with clients to review performance, reconfirm financial goals, and make adjustments as economic or lifestyle conditions warrant.

Mr. Scott has been involved in trading stocks since he was in High School. From an early age, he became fascinated with the markets, and everything related to Warren Buffett. He has adopted Mr. Buffett’s philosophy of investing and combined it with his own experience and risk tolerance, resulting in his own style of navigating the markets.

After trading stocks, successfully with Mr. Scott’s own money for several years. He enrolled in college and began his education as a Finance expert. Meanwhile, he was asked to join a group of traders who were starting a small hedge fund. After accepting, Mr. Scott began trading stocks using his investment analysis, with the freedom of investing in alternative investment vehicles such as Bitcoin, Real Estate, and various credit instruments, he managed to increase returns for the fund exponentially, while still maintaining a conservative stance.

Honesty, integrity, team work, and self-discipline are the four pillars of Mr. Scott’s life. Even though he is busy making money for his clients and finishing school, he has a strong passion for reading books, listening to music, and playing the electric guitar. So, whenever Mr. Scott has free time, you will find him at home reading a book, or recording guitar tracks.

Samson Mzera, Head of Training at Sylvia’s Traders Lounge.

Samson is a seasoned trader and analyst with a background in Financial Economics with six years of active trading experience. He has
written and researched on topics ranging from the macro and order flow trading to spreadsheet based analysis of price data. Beyond his technical feats, Sam’s focus at Sylvia’s Traders Lounge is implementing systems that will level up the traders abilities by helping them understand different aspects of the market and trading.