I often look at how the markets favor the bold and really, the only difference between those who are good at this game and those who are barely getting by is founded on the basic principle of your knowledge and experience. It is therefore paramount to get grounded and understand the nature of the markets prior to getting your head all in the game. Look at it this way, given the uncertainty of this profession, you stand a chance of making or losing money every time you place a trade, you’re either buying or selling, nothing in between. Which is why I advise all my Forex students to get themselves a coach and mentor who is honest with them, one who is willing to guide them on how to nurture their own trading personality right from the get go as opposed to teaching them how to trade.

One of the skills I will impact in you is that of minimizing draw downs and maximizing your profits. I will guide you on which brokers are best suited for your niche market and those who are not out there to rip you off. It’s one thing to trade, it’s another to make money. Professionals are out here to make money. This is a business, it’s a profession, not a hobby. Which is why I demand that all those students who look up to me for coaching and or mentorship to really know what they are getting themselves into. That way, you will dedicate your whole self into a life skill that is not only rewarding but also fulfilling, one that gives meaning to you and those around you. Below is our rate card, in partnership with Sylvia’s Trader’s Lounge.

Given my two decades experience with the markets, I can confidently say that those who take their time to educate themselves and practice on demo accounts prior to trading live have a higher chance of success than those who don’t. They shorten their learning curve, they understand themselves better. Do not allow your ignorance to donate your hard earned money, borrowed or earned to the markets. They don’t care, they don’t know you exist, they don’t sleep either. It’s a survival game, you either get slaughtered or make your killing. I’m not here to tell you that you won’t lose money, it is part of the game, but you can learn the art of having more winning trades than your losing trades, subsequently having a good trading week, month, year. Looking forward to having you onboard at the classes. I offer one on one personalized classes via screen share to take care of international clients like yourself.


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