Danielle Shay Gum is the Director of Options and Trader Specialist at “Simpler Trading.” She is a strict technical analyst, with a strong emphasis in Fibonacci Analysis. Her primary focus is on trend-following, directional strategies via options trading, though she covers stocks and ETFs as well.

Danielle was also a contributor in John Carter’s 3rd Edition of Mastering the Trade, and has been seen on Real Vision TV and Trader’s Nation. Her trading mentors Carolyn Boroden, John Carter, and Henry Gambell have been instrumental towards her trading journey especially in regards to the strategies she develops and teaches in a live trading chat room dubbed “Trading it Simpler”.

She likes to compare stock charts to little children. When looking for a stock chart, she wants to trade, she looks for that chart that’s nice and easy that behaves most of the time for high probability directional bets. Options are an incredibly leveraged product and can be very complex but her emphasis on getting a solid foundation in a good education on options has been of great help to her.

You can find her work on her written e-letter at www.fivestartrader.com as well as her live trading chat room at Trading It Simpler if you wish to sign up. Her twitter account is @traderDanielle. Listen in and Learn.

Conrad Okongwu is an Electrical-Electronics Engineer turned financial market trader. With over 10 years’ trading experience, he is able to deliver Forex trainings to traders in currencies, stocks, futures and CFDs markets. He has tutored over 20,000 traders through regular workshops, seminars and webinars.

He is now head of Forex education programs in a multinational financial brokerage firm, covering region of Africa (Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania). He holds a certificate in Financial Trading Analysis from the University of Essex. His LinkedIn profile link is https://www.linkedin.com/in/conrad-okongwu-82ba572b/

In this interview, he explains to us a nine step process he applies to all financial assets he trades. His trading is technical oriented. He explains the importance of back testing, looking at risk management models in analysis as well as forward testing on a demo account for any new strategy formulated. He spends most of his time on research and analysis with very minimal time on execution.

He says every trade set up should have a context which is the direction of the overall trend with clearly defined entry and exit rules. We discuss draw-downs in depth. He sees draw-downs as an effect and not as a cause. You can’t tweak it or control it directly, you can only manage your risk parameters to achieve the desired level of draw-down. Listen in and Learn!

With 38 years’ experience in trading, featured in market wizards, managing her own hedge fund as CTA with assets under management to the tune of billions, Linda Raschke joins us for the second part of this interview. She talks about her intimacy with her programs in trading.

Her job is to execute her plan every day. She explains why using the Bayesian approach to update trading models to the opportunities that the markets offer has been good to her. She is clear on why some people are not cut out for trading and what it takes to be a successful trader, having a consistent process.

Assessing your support network, balancing trading and life is just as important for longevity in the business. In the end, she gets candid on how she managed to go through a severe immune deficiency function for two years losing her short term memory, how she came out of it and run a legendary career in trading. She says that a positive attitude is 90% of the game. Grab her book to find more about her work. Trading Sardines, Lessons in the markets from a life-long trader.

Her twitter handle is https://twitter.com/LindaRaschke .

Part 1 of this interview is on this link https://youtu.be/_ytHIfGCLTw .

Listen and learn.


Glorious is mainly price action trader with over 5 years trading the forex market. Her strategy is price action mainly momentum based weighing the strength of bulls and bears.

In this interview, she speaks deeply on risk management, what she considers a good trade, emphasizes on the need to stick to a trading plan and a rule based approach to trading.

You can find her work at her a personal blog at gloriouschartpatterns.blogspot.com where she shares her charts and analysis. Glorious is also one of the contributors at freeforexcoach.com. A website that provides simple step by step strategies for beginners and intermediate traders.

Listen in and learn.

Stefanie Kammerman is a trader, runs an active live trading room where she educates over 300 people, a renowned speaker on trading, a musician and an author. Stephanie landed her first trading job in 1994 as an assistant in a prop firm where she learned about the stocks markets directly from her boss for two years before being entrusted with a quarter million dollars to trade. She was trader of the year in her first year.

She now trades options even though she started out actively in stocks. She says with options, you need not have a huge amount of capital to trade as long as you learn how to trade right. Her trading philosophy is don’t think about the money, stay true to your discipline which is her secret to trading. She calls herself a trading psychologist nowadays and has done a good job teaching and sharing her thoughts through her book dark pool secrets.

Despite the manipulation that happens in the markets, she says even the little people can profit of by following the trend and the volume. She is technically oriented and has a rule based system towards her trading. She is not an analyst but a trader and explains to us what she considers a good trade. She encourages new traders to respect their money and take time to learn first prior to trading live.

For more information and insights on dark pools, reach out to her via www.darkpoolsecrets.com, her email is Stefanie@thestockwhisperer.com. She is also available on Twitter https://twitter.com/VolumePrintcess @Stefanie Kammerman and tones of videos on her website www.thestockwhisperer.com.

Listen in and learn.

Eugene Abungana is a graduate in B.Com Finance from Kenyatta University, currently pursuing Msc Finance and Investment-Leeds University Business School. He has a combined fulltime and trading experience of 8 years, including trading in a private fund….Chicago.

He currently trades his own funds and is working towards setting up a private trading fund. He talks to us about his trading journey, trading discipline and the importance of sticking to a strategy for a reasonable duration of time. He is technically oriented and has refined his system of trading to be simple trading in the direction of the trend.

He recommends trading in the zone by Mark Douglas to all traders struggling with emotions in trading. He also says the reason as to why we have the profit and loss statement is because that’s the nature of the trading business. Having lost lots of money before learning the art of the game 3-4 years later into trading, his lessons are worth your while.

We got to share some basic information on how to get started trading forex locally. We were hosted by Ebru T.V in Nairobi Kenya. In this regard, we shall be having seminars and workshops in the month of October in collaboration with FXTM. On the 9th of October we shall be at the Strathmore University auditorium from 10:00am. Students from all universities are welcome. For the business class, we have got you covered, on the 13th of October, we shall have it at Nairobi Safari Club also from 10:00am.

Free entry for both seminars. Thereafter, in the following week from 16th-18th of October, we will proceed with the workshops at the same venue, Nairobi Safari Club, Lilian Towers. Lunch will be on the house, looking forward to meeting you all. Kindly book your seat on this link as we shall only be hosting 300 people at the hotel, the earlier you register, the better.


Christocentric Steve has been trading stocks and options for more than a decade now. His investing journey started at only ten years old following advice from his grandpa. He actively started following the stock market in college and thereafter in graduate school. He participated in various contests and found his break in options after trying out mutual funds and stocks.

By sharing his trading journey, we discuss what it takes to be a great option trader, the place for mentor-ship, diversifying your portfolio and the importance for treating trading as a business. We get deeper into what options (call and put) are bringing in an education element into the interview.

His emphasis on trusting your rules, pure strategy and sticking to price action and trends is what has set him apart and kept him in the business for a substantial amount of time. He does combine that with some elements of fundamental analysis but has no time for pundits and news as much.

Trading Icons he follows;

Peter Lynch

Warren Buffet

Dave Johnson

Books he recommends;

Stock Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager

Strategies for the Options Trader….

You can find him on his public domain on social media via Facebook @ Christocentric Steve For that and more of what we talked about, listen in and learn.

Tracy started her career at the Chicago Board of Trade as a futures broker specializing in options and managed futures over 12 years ago. Soon after, she moved to the trade floor where she managed an institutional trade desk, working with some of the top Investment Banks (Goldman, JPM, Soc Gen), Hedge Funds (SAC, D.E.SHAW), as well as energy OTC markets via CME Clearport.

She now is an independent trader specializing in the energy markets. Recurring guest interviews featured on RealVison, MacroVoices, CME Futures Now, and Benzinga Pre-Market Prep. Tracy is a graduate from University of Southern California with degrees in Political Science and International Relations with an emphasis on the Middle East.

She talks to us about market and volume profile, the difference between the two, why she trades oil and the discipline it takes to make it in the industry. There’s money to be made on both sides, both long and short. Over the years, she has learned that whenever she makes three bad trades in a row, she gets a time out and emphasizes that you need to walk away from the markets if you’re not thinking straight.

Books she recommends:

1. Mind over Markets: Power Trading with Market Generated Information [James F. Dalton]

2. Market Profile devised by [J. Peter Steidlmayer]

You can find her work on her website http://chigrl.com/ She is also very active on twitter @chigrl

For that and more information, listen in and learn.

Carley Garner is an experienced commodity broker with www.DeCarleyTrading.com , a division of Zaner, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is also the author of four books, the latest titles are “Higher Probability Commodity Trading” and “A Trader’s First Book on Commodities. She also writes a monthly column for Stocks & Commodities Magazine. Garner specializes in various methods of commodity market analysis but is best known for her technical analysis contributions to Jim Cramer’s Mad Money.

After graduating from UNLV as a Magna Cum Laude, Carley jumped into the options and futures industry with both feet in early 2004 and quickly became one of the most recognized names in the business; she is a regular contributor to TheStreet.com and its Real Money Pro service, as well as multiple other media outlets highlighting the commodity markets. Carley simplifies speculation in commodities, hedging using options.

She also discusses which markets provide the most liquidity for the retail trader then delve into technical analysis, seasonal analysis, directional bias as well as where her edge lies in the trading industry. She has a new development which is her trading app, (Decarley Trading) a mobile application available on google play store. Her emphasis on education and placing higher probability trades is obvious both to her clients and the general public. To view her work, go to her website mentioned earlier www. DeCarleyTrading.com

Listen and learn before you make any investment decisions.

Energy Trading with Brynne Kelly

Brynne Kelly is the founder of The Fundamental Angle, an analysis and consulting company that leverages her 25+ years in the Energy Industry. She has served in leadership roles on Merchant trading desks for some of the world’s leading energy conglomerates managing large portfolios ranging from $100 million to over $1 billion.

In addition, she has managed portfolios for large hedge funds and unregulated subsidiaries of large electric utilities and designed software applications for a leading ETRM software provider. She is passionate about understanding markets and what influences them. Her background makes her a natural fundamental trader due to her deep-seated experience in the Merchant Energy Business.

Her edge for the 25+ years she’s been trading stems from understanding that she cannot fight the market by having the ability to read charts or using better technology and machines but by having access to markets that not everybody else does. The more you know about the underlying pieces that make up a particular index or commodity, the more edge you have rather than by looking at a single thing say S&P 500 index futures.

You can find her work and analysis on these two websites www.FundamentalAngle.com and www.OpportunisticTrader.com Daily market energy commentaries on her Twitter Account: @brynneKkelly Email: brynnek@tfabk.com Books she recommends on Energy Trading: 1. Oil 101 by Morgan Downey 2. Trading Natural Gas by Fletcher Sturm

For that and more informative lessons, listen and learn.

Fibonacci for Technical Analysis with Carolyn Boroden

Listen up for insights on how to use Fibonacci in execution of your trading strategy. Fibonacci queen takes us through Fibonacci trading, identifying higher probability trend trade set ups as well as counter trend set ups, use of stops and options to cover against market risk, non reliance to news for trading as well as finding areas of support and resistance. Her book Fibonacci Trading: How to Master the Time and Price Advantage is available on amazon. Visit her website www.fibonacciqueen.com. Her Twitter handle is @Fibonacciqueen. I don’t want to give too much away, there’s a reason why you need to listen in. Cheers!

Technical Analysis with Matthew Sferro

Matthew Sferro, (CMT) is a market strategist/technical analyst with 18 years experience covering global macro instruments (forex, fixed income, equities and emerging markets) using pure price action. He also does some back testing, system testing using python. He started out as a prop trader doing it manually but transitioned into automated trading designing quantitative trading systems for commodity and equity instruments at Kershner Trading Group and T3 Trading.

He speaks to us about using price action for trading and how to make it work in the changing markets, the need for technology and automation and emphasis on discipline in your strategy. If your strategy is based on pure price action, then you need to listen in because Matthew shares on lessons based on real time experience acquired for close to two decades now.

Books he recommends;

  1. https://www.amazon.com/New-Trading-Systems-Methods-Wiley/dp/047126847X
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Evidence-Based-Technical-Analysis-Scientific-Statistical/dp/0470008741
  3. https://www.amazon.com/Master-Swing-Trader-Outstanding-Opportunities/dp/0071363092

All about Crypto with Siam Kidd

Siam Kidd is a full-time investor and trader, owns seven profitable businesses, and learned how to trade simply through hard trial and error. He became an RAF Pilot straight out of school and began trading and investing in 2004. Siam is the founder of The Realistic Trader, ( www.TheRealisticTrader.com ) which is a community of thousands of positive like-minded Crypto investors/traders and in a 4 month period in 2017 Siam traded his $25k Crypto account up to $1m. His community made over $4.5m profit by following his movements in that period.

Siam talks to us about his transition from foreign exchange into block chain technology and trading crypto. Initially, none of his previous strategies on Forex worked in the crypto market, however he says that the current crypto market is not so different from the commodity and the Forex markets. It’s important to note that not every crypto is a currency especially with the explosion in 2017.

Siam Kidd’s success in the crypto market is attributed to trading coins such as Ethereum, Dash, Lite coin just to mention a few. He prefers to leverage on the smaller market cap coins and lesser known crypto rather than trading or buying with the intent to hold in say Bitcoin because he believes that’s where there are opportunities to maximize your portfolio growth in the crypto market. Siam has the only crypto course in Europe which is CPD accredited. You can his course on this link http://www.therealistictrader.com/cryptocoursert/

Listen, learn and make informed decisions. Cheers!

The A, B,C’s of Trading with Adam Grimes

Adam Grimes has over two decades experience as a trader and system developer. He is a Partner at www.MarketLifeTrading.com; he is also the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of Waverly Advisors, LLC, an institutional research and advisory firm for which he writes daily market commentary. Adam is the author of the The Art & Science of Technical Analysis: Market Structure, Price Action, and Trading Strategies (published by Wiley in 2012).

Adam’s relentless focus on trading excellence and self-development through financial markets has created a unique body of work that has helped many traders move along the path to trading success. He talks to us about his trading experience which has seen him trade for himself as well as manage outside capital. He explains some of the red flags you need to watch out for if you want to survive in the markets and make trading a profession, from managing your emotions, risk parameters, position sizing, discipline and why you need to keep your ego in check always.

His work and publications can be found on this website ( https://www.marketlifetrading.com/ ) with more analysis on his blog ( https://adamhgrimes.com/ ). His YouTube Channel can be found on this link ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrTa… ). Some of the books he recommends include but are not limited to the following;

1. Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas

2. A complete guide of the Futures Markets by Jack Schwager

3. Trading for a Living by Alexander Elder. (Also one of my favorite reads)

4. All his books on MarketLifeTrading.com More of the books can be found on the reading list on the library menu tab on his blog. See this link ( https://adamhgrimes.com/library/readi… )

Without giving too much away, my take home advice from Adam was that “Trading is as much about what we don’t do as much as it is what we do”. This podcast is suitable for both the beginner and experienced audience. Listen and learn.

How to pick yourself up after massive draw-downs.

Peter Maich is a director at Westport Deep Sea Fishing School for close to 20years and also a trader. He takes us through his seven years of trading now at 58, relentless man who wakes up at 3:30am to catch the market open at New Zealand.

You will learn about what it takes to move on past massive drawdowns, making use of stops, limit orders while trading equities and futures. Knowing yourself, what works for you and avoiding negative energy is crucial in picking yourself up.

We also discussed about New Zealand’s currency the kiwi NZD, correlation with stocks and other currencies, Australia and New Zealand’s proximity and their economies. Listen to that and more as well as what he has learned from Dan Shapiro and his trading floor.

From an Amateur to a Professional Trader with Hoa Bui

Hoa Bui is an Intra-Day Technical Analyst from California, United States. He takes us through his journey into trading from being an amateur to a professional forex trader. His trading success is attributed to a solid grounding in mentor-ship and coaching. Beginning traders are advised to try out different trading styles and many currency pairs before determining their own trading personality. He describes his approach to risk management, emphasizes the need to have clear trading account goals for intra-day traders. Listen in for that and more in this interview.

Books he recommends

1. Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

2. Naked Forex pdf version free download available from google.


Fred Scott is a private hedge fund manager from California. He has traded successfully for 12 years with no down year. Scott takes us through what it takes to manage people’s money and expectations. He also goes deeper into Fundamental Analysis and explains the place for patience and technology in his trading strategy.
One book he recommends:

Market Wizards by Jack Schwager

 Trading Icons he follows:

1. Ray Dalio

2. Jim Chanos

3. Carter Braxton Worth

4. The legendary Warren Buffet.

Disclaimer: The information shared on this podcast is purely for educational purpose and should not be regarded as investment advice. Sylvia’s Traders Lounge assumes no liability for errors, inaccuracies or omissions.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QlFsFRCc7w&w=560&h=315]


This webinar takes you through Moving Averages, a paramount indicator used by Technical analysts. Darran Reed is a Momentum Forex Trader using the Fibonacci prediction. He has been in the trading game for close to two decades now. He has mentored and coached successful Forex students with positive feedback of consistent profitability. He eats, breathes and sleeps the markets. This is a sample class item to STL learners relating to Exponential and Simple Moving averages, as well as candle sticks useful in Technical Analysis using the Ninja Trading Platform. Feel free to sign up for our classes https://forexstl.wordpress.com/2017/08/04/stl-classes/


Carley Garner is the Co-Founder of Decarley Trading in Las Vegas Nevada, a commodity and options broker. She is also an author of four books her most recent publication released in the second half of this year is Higher Probability Commodity Trading. In addition to that, she is also a contributor to Jim Cramer’s mad money show on CNBC as well as a sought out columnist for her incredible analysis on the commodity/futures markets. This is part 1 of the commodity trading session we had with Carley 😎. Look out for part 2. Below is the link.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebAxoSK_eBc&w=560&h=315]