We will be rolling out some of our members trading journeys, lessons and experiences in our new segment dubbed Trader of the Week. The goal is to demonstrate that our local audience (mostly Kenyan) has what it takes to become professional traders. We hope that by sharing their stories, in some way educates, enlightens and inspires you to get right on with your trading journey.Here’s our first story from George Kironji.


This is going to be a long read, so I’d advise you all to buckle up. First off, my name is George Kironji (notice I didn’t use “my names are”, like most Kenyans do. That sh*t drives me nuts. I’m a lover of animals, good reads, and charity. In my spare time, I enjoy being lazy & crawling back to my “nothing box” in my brain where I think about absolutely no one or anything. It’s just more tranquil over there- no slay queen issues, no money problems, no pesky landlords. Yesterday, Sylvia reached out to me and asked me if I’d be willing to talk about my trading journey. To be Honest, I was gob smacked & there was that two seconds of awkward silence. “What do you mean”? I asked. “Yeah, what you heard.” She replied in a soft yet firm tone. “But wait, what I’m I to say? My journey has, to say the least, been one of the most trying for me.”

Perhaps the best way to illustrate is. You know how a grown ass Kenyan man can walk up to a light-skin “Chille” (Kenyan slang for as lady) & lather her up with a bunch of witty lies until she unknowingly enters his box? But, the same man will walk into a dispensary & have his confidence completely shattered when a mere one inch syringe is inches away from his skin? You’ll figure it out George, just get it over with”- she replied without giving a tint of reconsideration in her voice. There’s something about sharing experiences. On the one hand, you get to reflect upon the many silly mistakes you made. However, on the other hand, you hate what you used to do. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve reminisced about finances I’ve thrown away to the market/to flimsy con artist “trainers”. And the regret is somewhere along the lines of. “Sasa ningenunua atakama ni plot ya 100K lamu si ningekuwa millionaire” or “Ningekuwa slay king, unadhani ningekuwa natesa aje hii mtaa” or “Ata afadhali ningeenda bonfire niwaambie waniundie trip ya kuenda Israel nistretch miguu.” I’m sure by now you get the point.

My friends, my journey as a trader didn’t start “on the trading floor” or “working at a top-of-the-chain finance department at the treasury” like most professional traders begin by saying. Mine actually started in my bedsitter. I kid you not. I had been researching on my Chrome browser and an ad about IQ Options kept popping up on almost all business sites I visited. Days on end I resisted clicking on the beautiful damsel on the ad holding a couple of hundreds. However, I gave in and when I did, I was redirected to iqoptions.com and signed up a form for some demo. I practiced briefly on the platform & got bored and closed the tab- never to return again. However, days later after signing up, I heard my phone ring. It was an international number from the United Kingdom. Yawa! A UK number yet the only international incoming number I had ever received through my phone had been from Uganda. Without wasting time, I answered it & a “mzungu” man was on the other side- talking about money, opportunity, international market & ten minutes in I thought, wow! I want to be part of this international market.

I mean, a “mzungu” from the UK had just taken his time to call my phone for 10 minutes and even sent me a follow-up email. My friend, “Wazugus” have money. Come on how can you let money go? Wìcirie (THINK!). Long story short, I signed up next day & forwarded everything for approval. It only took 6hrs before my live account was approved. And before long, “ulcers, BP, anxiety, uncertainty, and headaches met up in a cafe and together they suggested, “hey let’s all go hangout with George.”  At the time, I had saved up a tidy sum of 160,000 & I didn’t feel much about depositing 25,000 for a start. I went on to YouTube & saw a “60seconds martingale strategy” that’s supposed to make you super rich. So for those who don’t know how it works, with martingale strategy, you start betting small and get bigger. If your small bets start losing in the hope you continue adding to your bet in the hope that the wins from the bigger bets will recoup initial investment capital and profits.

For example, if you bet $5 and it loses, next bet is $10 so that 80% return on binaries will give you $18 which is ($5+$10- capital & $3 profit) And so I did that for a day and guess what? It worked. I had $400+ that same day. I thought to myself “so making money is that easy? And how comes “maze” (Kenyan slang for dad) has never done this kila time ni kudai hana doe. Hii ni nini? Wacha wenye hawataki pesa wakae kando” However things suddenly started going south when I met the AUDUSD pair in a bull market and in my mind, I was short. So u can imagine me in the house literally yelling at the computer screen like “we si urudi chini”, then I’d put another 60sec put option & wait. Price starts to dance a little esukuti, romancing you with beautiful spikes to the downside, then 10seconds to expiration it says “just kidding” and shoots up like a kite & from nowhere I feel dizziness & pain in my stomach. I remember it got so bad, I actually prayed for the market to come down.

Watch out for (part 2) in a couple of days.

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