Kevin opens up to us about the dangers of system hoping and the importance of getting the right information when it comes to trading. Here’s his story.

Guys, I deposited 200$ within the first two months of my research because the information I got was enough for me to make real cash. I used indicators which were so many but nothing was working for me. From the blogs there were people who sold signals, this was now the way forward, work made easy for me but my stops loss were hit dearly. I started to doubt this business was somewhat a trading scam? I was introduced to site called tradeciety which I was supposed to pay few dollars to get the information. I was too nervous, “Will I keep on losing money again”? By this time I couldn’t trust anything I came across couldn’t take it anymore I took a break.

By the end of 2017 I had blown two accounts. I had tried even the free bonus account offered by various trading brokerage companies. Nothing was still happening. I thought it was high time I get the best information about the Forex market and avoid all speculation because I had in mind this thing is not a holy grail. “Sijui niseme nini” Swahili for “I don’t know what to say”. My friend told me he had a friend on Facebook and the lady seems to know what she’s doing in the Forex according to what she was posting. “Akaniambia ebu ongea na Muchai” Swahili for “Talk to Muchai”. We used to call her Muchai not Sylvia.

Sylvia talked to me and introduced me to some of the market dynamics and she recommended babypis website for. Basically the journey has not been easy, emotionally you have to be very strong. It’s not easy to take a trade and watch it go to -ve 150$ when your account is 200$. What I have experienced for the last three years is that…get the right information first, a mentor who can explain to you some of the market dynamics…the market isn’t static you have to adapt to certain conditions which will never favor your idea or thoughts.

If you want to survive the Forex market, keep your opinion to yourself. The main challenge for me is to have to get each trade right but at times, it’s hard. Consistency, right? Lastly, I would like to encourage some. I like the trend following strategy don’t system hop. Even when things seems not working never give up. Thank you for the opportunity to share, have a great day!

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