We accommodate every person  with interest in learning how to trade right in our trading community. Learn from Barums story, a Congolese trader.

It all started back to November 2017 where a cousin of mine convinced me to join his business; IML. I Quit IML a month after but the interest in Forex still was there and grew up quickly. July 2018, I started live trading and made a couple of profits under Mr. Sandile Shezi’s direction. I didn’t withdraw my first profit instead, I ended up blowing the whole account due to greed and emotions.

Inspired by Sandile’s achievements I got determined to make it big out of this industry which led me to Wall Street Academy where I got a good ROI and value in regards to market technical analysis skills. The simple interest I had for trading the financial markets has grown into a passion that led me to a Forex Institution a month ago where I intend to gain a status of Professional Financial Market Trader in the upcoming years.

The main challenge during that time for me was access to Internet and secondly; signing up, as I am from Congo and in terms of financial services, Congolese Institutions are facing more than headaches. Let’s consider that it took me one year to gain a solid foundation when it comes to Forex education.

The market changes every time and each time in the market is unique; in order to adapt to those changes, I can personally say that I am still learning about the market each and every day  I have the opportunity of doing so. My advice to those starting out is to make sure they get into Forex with a solid WHY! That will help them build patience, persistence, and allow them to last in the business. Thanks for the opportunity Sylvia.

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