It was in 2015 when I had travelled to “shagz” for my late grandfather’s memorial ceremony. Picture the usual catching up with my cousins, that is where I first heard of forex trading, Eugene had just started earning around 25k+ every two weeks and he told me to join. At that time I was working part time at KNEC and KENGEN and was making good cash so I did not put much thought to it. I also wanted to be the first pro gambler (Sportpesa) in Kenya, I was really good at analysis soccer matches and placing bets, I had my own system which I had developed to analyze games, manage my betting risks and many were the times I was winning. I came back to Nairobi, researched on Forex and saw people saying it was “gambling”. I went ahead to look on how to be a good Forex trader and what I learnt I used it in my betting instead of Forex trading. I never took Forex seriously but I did not brush it off completely, I contacted Gene and asked for his advice. He referred me to babypips as my starting point. I went through it and within a month I had learnt a lot that a newbie should learn. I downloaded mt4 trader and opened a demo account. I started trading using the demo and I was hooked, I was excited to see how fast people make and lose cash.

At that time I was using a lot of indicators and had no idea how price action worked. It was going well until I started losing cash on the demo. I researched again and came across some price action pdf books, learnt a few things but it was not easy. “Nikaamua hii” forex is waste of time and did not touch it again. Come 2017 around end of January, I quit my job without any plan because every morning I always asked myself one question, I’m I that dumb that I have to work for others to make money? Can’t I make money on my own? After quitting my job I went back to search on how to make cash from home, I came across online writing and Forex again but I never really liked writing so Forex was my only way, I started learning it from scratch until I understood price action. My trading was okay but money management and my emotions were not in check so in that year I blew 3 accounts and by the time the year was over I had lost my savings and was back to square one. Now come 2018, the year that I had fully decided that forex was what I wanted to do. I had seen it was possible to make money and it was not gambling as I had thought. I knew that if I get my mind right and money management in check then I will be smiling to the bank. The first thing I decided to do was to open a demo account, I used it to formulate my own strategy, then I came up with a risk management of 1:3 and decided to always follow it come rain come sunshine.

From there I continued to learn more on price action and things started falling into place, I also joined the gym so as to keep my head right to avoid over trading. I was making profits for at least 8 months but I was still scared of going live until December last year when I invested USD100 and grew it to USD1000 by the end of January this year. My account is still growing and I can never be too thankful. I journal my trades and do an assessment every end month and one thing I noticed is that even though I lose a few trades in a row, my account is still growing and that is because I stick to my one strategy and risk management. My story is simple but my parting shot to everyone is that, even if someone offers you a shortcut to make money in Forex, just say thanks but no thanks. Follow the hard way and learn, the systems “utapewa” can make you money but that will be short term. If you religiously sacrifice your time, energy and resources, it will take time before you make cash but when you do, you will be glad and proud. I am far from being a pro or a coach but I am not where I used to be. In forex you will never be perfect especially when it comes to emotions. Have faith, be patient and never stop learning. Imagine you have a kid who you are teaching how to walk, how long will it take? You can choose to give up and say, this kid falls a lot so I don’t think he will ever walk. I bet you won’t do that, so same way you won’t give up on your kid is the same way you shouldn’t give up on trading. Thank you guys. That is it from me.

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