Hello traders I am mambo. My trading journey started about four years ago. Like most of you I went through the IQ options stage then got introduced to mt4 mobile version. Almost all traders I have come across have gone through this stage, well at least 90%. Mine was more of ignorance and a lack of drive so I postponed trading for many years until last year. I cleared campus last year having done financial engineering which should in its raw form entail trading and all market analysis but as you know the Kenyan education system, I have a lot of math but not sure where to take it. So why did I go for trading? Like 99% of us I looked at a promising life or riches and all but I also had other reasons. Being a critic (I believe a positive critic) I don’t like following masses. So all my friends from campus were purely concerned with looking for jobs and how they are going to get jobs that pay $800 /KSHS. 80,000 a month and all (problem with reality is the average working class Kenyan is paid 12k per month). I found this being mass thinking. I tried all my best to avoid that life which brought a lot of problems with my mother because she believes in the employment mentality. I don’t blame her since she comes from a different generation.

I have been running a business for almost three years supplying tissues but currently it’s a dying business partly because of credit defaulters and some poor management on my side. There are lessons I learnt. Operating a business in Kenya is heard especially if you want to earn some income when you have employees. “Watakuibia”. It’s like most of them are there to steal from you. I tend to see it this way, just my opinion. So having seen that, I wanted something that I will not have to blame anyone for my losses apart from me…trading looked like a solution to that. So what next? I believe if you are not willing to give something 100% then don’t start it. I learnt this the hard way. In my 3 years of business I have been a jack of all trades. I have sold tissues, serviettes, colognes, toilet air fresheners, paintings, fruits, bundles “mwitu”, watches, I used to offer tuition to primary kids, owned a tuktuk, sold “mabuyus” and the list is endless. I never made a loss but i don’t have anything to show for it. I can give you a business card, probably give you a whole exercise book with everything I did, it’s not painful but it’s empty.

So, I “hatched a plan”. Late last year I enrolled in a Forex training which lasted 2 months with a close friend to Sylvia. This helped me in fast tracking my learning process. I also stopped all my businesses all those trivial things I was doing. I tend to say this year I am not making money. I talked to my mum and asked for only one year to chase my dream and if it does not work I will take the next job that comes knocking. I opened a retail shop that would help me stay grounded. It is more of a hedging strategy that is not. I did all this cause of trading and for once I will ran after one thing giving it my all. If it fails, I will say I gave it my all. In my few months of serious trading I have met millionaires. Not one car living in Roysambu type of millionaires, I mean millionaires in trading. I have met automated traders who are making big moves in this market. I have also met people with 4yrs experience trading but are not millionaires who are still struggling. I have met people starting who also have nothing to offer.

Clearly it’s not easy as they make it look. What lessons have I learnt? Trading will not make you rich it will not. Discipline, determination, wise choices you know them are what will make you rich. Compound interest, those who understand it earn from it those who don’t pay it. Always know in trading it’s not about if you are right or wrong, since its relative, it’s about whether it works or not. If trading with your boxers is the reason you make money, go buy a whole box and trade. Finally, patience. Thank you all for listening. I hope I have shared enough to inspire someone. Have a blessed day traders.

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