This week we learn from George Itumo’s trading journey. It is the small things that matter when greed gets in the way. Read Up!

Hey guys, so here goes my journey. It’s not anything exciting but I hope you’ll learn a thing or two. I heard about Forex for the first time when I was in campus from a friend whose cousin was a trader. The concept fascinated me a lot. I wanted to learn right away but the friends’ cousin was unreachable. Later on, I stumbled on baby pips and I started studying. During the course of that time I met a trader who was to hold my hand through the journey as I invested in him. After a month of returns he went “AWOL” missing.

I lost my capital and the interest of the first month since I wanted to earn interest on interest. I therefore did not take my first monthly return. That was greed in black and white, an emotion I’d have to face later on in my Forex journey. In my self-studies, I got to the part where I should start on a demo account but couldn’t understand a thing about the MT4 platform. Around the same time I heard of a Forex school in the Central Business District. I signed up for two months where I got some good basics. But that was it, basics on execution, knowledge around the Forex industry, indicators and a few strategies.

After this I was back all alone, playing my trading game best way I knew. At this time I was trading live and making major losses. I blew three accounts that I had started with in a span of 6-10months. A friend of mine referred me to Sylvia’s Trading Lounge where I met Denis Mwenga who stayed with me and taught me some unforgettable lessons. Intense studying and research had to be done on my part and face some demons in form of emotions that prevented me from realizing my trading potential. I went back to the drawing board and decided to face what was hindering my progress.

It was then that I found out that the little things that we most probably ignore really do matter for example journaling your trades. Now it’s been a while and I’m still balls deep in the trading business, hungry and committing myself to learning the skill to mastery.

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