Good morning traders. I hope you’re all well. My trading journey has been a long one .Just like most of us would relate, I started off with binary options. I really got excited at the simplicity of a click of a button push or pull buy or sell only to blow an account but fortunately I didn’t give up. I remembered the words of a certain high school teacher who was doing forex and had recommended we go through baby pips school .I checked baby pips that learning was too much and like any other stubborn and impatient guy I jumped again into trading, only to blow the second account. That made me sober up. The need to make some cash and have a skill I can use for a lifetime made me look for mentor-ship. Mentoring shortens your learning curve, you learn & avoid mistakes which the ones have gone ahead of you made rather than learning the hard way like I did.  

I eventually got in touch with Sylvia, Denis and Jared .I started the lessons. I must say it’s been an awesome experience. I can see the mistakes I made. One thing that stands out for me is a lesson my mentor hammered so hard that we are reactive traders and not predictive traders, we react to trends.I am not so much grown into a “pro” but I’m not where I used to be and I am continually growing. I guess the challenges I have experienced in trading from my story is wanting an easy way out. However, with learning it’s a great and worthwhile experience. I urge all to take the lessons shared seriously. Also try mentor anyone that comes your way. Don’t let them go through the ups n downs we went through. I look forward to being established in trading as we sharpen each other. That’s been my story .The experience is too much and I am grateful to Sylvia, Dennis, Jared and the rest of the family. Most importantly; have a trading strategy, keep a journal or record of your trades and have a risk management strategy.

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  1. Awesome lessons l am glad l have fellow brothers in my country l can relate in matters of forex trading. I am always a student.

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