Linda was gracious enough to send me a copy of her recently released book, Trading Sardines. Have you ever started reading a book and for some reason you don’t want to leave it for anything? This was my reaction every time I flipped over the pages. My business partner often gave me a lecture about my reading habit insisting that I should read over the weekends, lol.

Linda has a subtle way of passing information without it being on your face. She narrates her trading career with a mix of her personal life from a young girl to a grown woman. It’s funny how everything aligns and falls into place. One thing that’s clear from the get go is that access to the right information is vital. From being intrigued by one book she came across in her dad’s collection, working through college, finding solace in spending time alone playing the piano, starting and shutting down her business several times, working long hours and loving it all led to the woman she is today.

I am especially wowed by her relentless focus every time she had to take a hit from the markets. She describes how she was able to pick herself up and keep trading because she loved it. It wall she knew how to do best. The markets have taught her a lot, people have knocked on her door and approached her for trading insights. Who wouldn’t like to be called a market wizard? Her success in my perspective is purely out of sheer dedication, discipline, focus and knowing what to prioritize.

Linda shares her business lessons in trading. I must say, this is one book applicable across board. The mistakes she made can be avoided if you’re conscious and aware. I would highly recommend Trading Sardines to all people who are looking to trade. Linda clearly demonstrates the endless possibilities that can be achieved from the financial markets. You can access the book and purchase it through her website on this link.

Enjoy reading it.

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