We just recently concluded seminars and a three day workshop with FXTM in Kenya. Strathmore University students actively participated as well as interested citizens in a bid to explore the opportunities presented by the markets. We saw people from all age groups come to the events, eager to learn. They not only put in the hours in the sessions but also took time to unlearn what they thought they knew regarding trading.

We saw people open trading accounts for the first time in their lifetime and experienced traders who came to increase their knowledge. The most important thing was not the certificates awarded at the end of the workshops but the increase in the skill to trade for beginning and professional traders. Andreas Thalassinos did a great job expounding on technical analysis, its application and use in the financial markets.

While the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya issued a new directive a couple of weeks ago on regulation of brokerage houses seeking to conduct their business in Kenya, it should be known that FXTM is currently in the process of doing so. FXTM blends is very well with the vision and mission of Sylvia’s Traders Lounge, we are both big on education because we know that the skill to trade is just as important as your capital. Those who wish to learn and trade with FXTM can do so by following this link.


We look forward to having FXTM again in the first quarter of 2019.

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