Our minds are naturally programmed to cushion us against any threats and risks in our daily lives. This is why the first thing people do is fight or flight if they’re really pushed to the edge. It is quite obvious by now that the uncertainties in trading are enormous and infinite. The markets don’t make it easy for anyone, how then do we ensure that we try as much as possible to not be indecisive when it comes to our trading?

More often than not are the times traders find themselves in situations where they have to make decisions about whether or not they should take a certain trade, be out of a position or hold open trades longer. On the other side of those choices are consequences. Those consequences have to do with money, whether or not that decision has been made. I have heard of real life stories where proficient traders have made mistakes in trading that have cost or made them X amount of money and that affected their decision making process.

The only way to deal with indecisiveness in trading goes down to the basics. Sticking to your trading discipline. That would mean different things to different traders. Some choose to stick to targets after which they close all their positions having achieved their profit targets after a certain duration of time which varies for different traders. Discipline would mean trading based solely on your strategy and not easily being swayed by what you hear from other traders no matter who says it. Discipline would mean reflecting about the big wins and the big losses, identifying any outcomes that may be out of the ordinary from your trading.

If you really take a keen look at what causes traders to be indecisive, it has a lot more to do with their mental ability to stomach and deal with uncertainties which is what the markets present us with every day as it does with the immense opportunities. Whenever you find yourself being indecisive, take a step back and reflect so as to have a sharp focus on your cause of action rather than doing things haphazardly altering your confidence in trading.

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