I have said this before, brokers can be whores if they want to. One of the things that you should look out for as a trader is your choice of broker. The role of brokers is to provide a trading platform so we can access liquidity in the Forex market. Brokers make money off your trading account in form of spreads and commissions. Before signing up with a brokerage firm, ask yourself these questions;

  1. Is my deposit secure? Is the brokerage firm registered and regulated in its country of origin?
  2. How affordable are the transaction costs? Will I end up generating profits for the broker due to high spreads and commission rates?
  3. Is their customer service available to me 24/5?
  4. Does the brokerage firm have a user friendly trading platform such as the MT4?
  5. How long does it take for the brokerage firm to execute my orders? Speed is crucial.
  6. Can I access my capital, withdrawal and deposits whenever I feel the need to do so?

Once you address those critical issues, you can be confident that you are dealing with a professional brokerage firm. The last thing you want is to keep blaming the broker for your ignorance and lose of trading capital. In this regard, we have partnered with FXTM to bring you an educational series this October. This is the first time FXTM will be in Kenya. Our goal is to provide you with the right information that’s applicable to your trading skill.

In this regard, we shall conduct two seminars followed closely by a three day workshop. We shall commence this by engaging actively with students at Strathmore University. The seminar is open to all and not restricted to students.

Thereafter, we shall have the second seminar at the Nairobi Safari Club for those of you available on the weekend. This day is special for the business community and will be the official launch of FXTM in Kenya. Those who may wish to know what will be going on but for some reason won’t make it to the venue can watch the event on Ebru T.V business news segment then.

Since we shall only have 300 people at the hotel, early bird FREE registrations are welcome on this link. https://www.forextime.com/education/forex-seminars/the-ultimate-trading-formula-kenya2018/?partner_id=4921021

Workshops will follow the next week from the 16th-18th of October at the same Venue, Nairobi Safari Club. While the two seminars are free of charge, the workshops will attract a mandatory attendance fee of $200. Once you register for the seminar on the link, do not care for the fee, it’s optional to attend the workshops.

We hope that by you attending the seminars and or workshops, you shall get the basic knowledge to get started in trading the Forex and other derivative markets. Come and network with professionals who are not only passionate about the game but also resourceful. See you all then!

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