Ignorance is no bliss. Even worse, when your hard earned money is on the line. The recent arrest of some dubious money manager by Capital Markets Authority has seen most Kenyans risk to lose huge sums of money pegged on the promise of 20% monthly return investment from Forex trading. This is one among many cases of people being duped over unreasonable expectations when it comes to their investments.

Our core mandate has always been centered on giving the right information in regards to the world of trading. Education plays a key role in making sure that our members are equipped with the right skills to trade by themselves as well as identify any red flags from person’s claiming to offer unsustainable returns while managing their money.

Efforts by the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya to warn on illegal dealings in the Forex arena has painted the industry as dark with barely any legit people involved in offering a good service. It is only until a person is determined to get an in depth understanding of how financial markets work that one is able to make informed decisions as to the right investment choice. Education is critical in evaluating risk which is crucial before engaging in Forex Trading business.

Sylvia’s Traders Lounge is delighted to collaborate with Nairobi School of Forex to educate Kenyans on how to get started in Forex Trading equipping them with the right skill set to be in control of their money. We will continue to create awareness on Forex Trading locally in partnership with Nairobi School of Forex. Those willing to learn and get the right information on matters trading can visit https://nairobischoolofforex.co.ke/ or give us a visit at Reliance Center, Westlands.

Additional services to the core principles into Forex Trading training is lifetime mentor-ship, a chance to learn how to trade from a manual system to an automated system, resourceful book materials as well access to veteran traders respected in the local and international space. We invite you to come and learn how to control, manage and create a revenue stream from the enormous opportunities in the most liquid financial market globally.

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