Indecision in Trading

Our minds are naturally programmed to cushion us against any threats and risks in our daily lives. This is why the first thing people do is fight or flight if they’re really pushed to the edge. It is quite obvious by now that the uncertainties in trading are enormous and infinite. The markets don’t read more

Practical Elements of Trading

Questions have been streaming in on what one needs to do to become a trader. I usually try to answer this question by being as real as possible because the idea that is engraved in most people’s minds is that they can take up trading by themselves and do it as a hobby or on the side without read more

Trader of the Week.

We will be rolling out some of our members trading journeys, lessons and experiences in our new segment dubbed Trader of the Week. The goal is to demonstrate that our local audience (mostly Kenyan) has what it takes to become professional traders. We hope that by sharing their stories, in some way read more